Maintaining your boiler

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Boiler Servicing to keep you and your family safe

Carbon monoxide (CO2) can leak from badly fitted or poorly maintained gas appliances. It is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, toxic gas produced by incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels, including gas, oil, wood and coal.

When CO2 enters the body, it prevents the blood from bringing oxygen to cells, tissues, and organs. It is highly poisonous gas and extremely dangerous as you cannot see it, taste it or smell it but it can kill quickly and with no warning. It can also cause serious long-term health problems such as heart conditions and affect an unborn child.

Pipework, appliances and flues must be maintained in a safe condition and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If these are not available, it is recommended that they are serviced annually unless advised otherwise by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Any damage or signs of corrosion, such as rusting or green discolouration on copper pipework must be checked. Ensure copies of gas safety check documentation are kept and filed. (For tenanted domestic properties the landlord must supply the tenant with a copy of the gas safety record and keep the record until two further checks have been carried out.)

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Boiler Service Checklist

Did you know manufacturers state that you should have your boiler serviced annually to comply with the manufactures warranty?

Our expert engineers provide an annual quality Boiler Service that won’t let you down. With our Boiler Service Checklist, we can help protect you from any potential problems that may otherwise occur. Here’s what we do when we visit you:

  • A visual check to ensure your boiler still meets current standards

  • Boiler fired to identify any working faults

  • Boiler casing removed to check all main boiler components (burner, heat exchanger, main injector, spark/sensor probe)

  • Checks to ensure flue terminals are unobstructed and internal flue components are sealed properly

  • Gas valve adjusted to check that burner is combusting efficiently and properly (normally using a flue gas analyser)

  • Inside casing surfaces cleaned

  • Boiler parts cleaned if necessary

  • Gas tightness test conducted to ensure no leaks

  • Boiler casing put back on – check that it is properly sealed

  • Service report that shows everything the engineer has done to maintain your boiler

Cool pricing, warm service


Boiler Servicing Price List 2019

Service Type


Full Gas Fired & LPG Domestic Boiler Service £72.00 including VAT
Full Oil Fired Domestic Boiler Service £96.00 including VAT
Landlords Gas Safety Check Including Full Service £96.00 including VAT


Prices are subject to change and cover locations within a 6 mile radius of Cirencester. After 6 miles, a £3.00 per mile one way will be added. Please try to arrange your boiler service during the summer months, before the traditionally busy autumn season, when people start putting the heating on and there are more breakdowns.

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Annual Boiler Cover

Enquire about our Annual Boiler Cover.
We provide cover for Gas, LPG & Oil.

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